About Us

The origins

In the year 2005, a federation of farmers' clubs in Sirkazhi, Nagapattinam district, was registered as a society. It was named Sirkazhi Organic Farmers’ Association (SOFA). With 240 members comprising of 13 farmers clubs and 3 women SHGs, this association has been providing technical support, credit support and marketing support for the members. Organic rice and rice based value-added products are being marketed through SOFA.

This association was mentored by Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS), an NGO working towards improving the livelihood security of small and marginal farmers through indigenous agriculture. CIKS also supported another federation named Thirumaraikadu Organic Farmers Federation in Vedharanyam, Nagapattinam district. Both these federations felt the need to scale up and do their business effectively. The associations had several rounds of meetings amongst themselves, with experts and with the CIKS team. Finally, it was decided that a new institution in the form of a farmer producer company needs to be incorporated to draw in more farmers, to do effective upscaling and to move forward. As a result of technical support from CIKS, Chennai and Vrutti, Bengaluru, Valanadu Sustainable Agriculture Producer Company Limited (VSAPCL) was registered on 20th November 2013 under the Companies Act of the Government of India.

Vision and Mission

Sustainable agriculture through collective action.


  • To help the farmers to adopt technologies which will aid in reduction of cost of cultivation.
  • To increase the productivity of paddy, groundnut, pulses thereby increasing the income level of farmers.
  • To support marketing of certified organic and NPM products.
  • To promote conservation, production and marketing of traditional crop varieties.
  • To support climate smart agriculture practices and optimum use of natural resources.

Profile of Valanadu

Years since inception
(20th Nov, 2013)
Panchayats covered in
Nagapattinam district
Farmer households
Board members
(11 male, 2 female)


Particulars 2013-14 2014-15 Total %
Male Shareholders 1,416 307 1,723 57%
Female Shareholders 758 521 1,279 43%
Total 2,174 828 3,002

Category 2013-14 2014-15 Total %
Landless shareholders 121 87 208 7%
Small and Marginal farmers sharholders 1,973 692 2,665 89%
Medium and Large farmers shareholders 80 49 129 4%
Total 2,174 828 3,002

Organisation Structure

Operational Area

Six blocks covered under Nagapattinam district: Kollidam, Sirkazhi, Mayiladuthurai, Sembanar Koil, Talayanur, Vedaranniyam

Directors of Valanadu

S.No Name Educational qualification Occupation Mobile Number DIN NO
1. Subhashini Sridhar (CEO) B.Sc (Agri), MBA (HRM)., Agriculture Professional 9443277417 6805964
2. K.Jayapal DME Agriculture 9600454171 6665071
3. S.Sellappa HSC, ITI Agriculture 9487884468 6665102
4. E.Muralidharan SSLC Agriculture 9442397898 6689106
5. S.Sambasivam M.A Agriculture 9486528123 6665093
6. S.Murugaiyan B.A Agriculture 9444289222 6641886
7. A. Vani SSLC Agriculture 9486311351 6806022
8. M. N. Nagarajan SSLC Agriculture 8508006212 6807090
9. U. Sivakumar HSC Agriculture 9942595957 In progress
10. K. Krishnan MA Agriculture 9444054502 6805993
11. M.S. Ramavel ITI Agriculture 9442067211 6812595
12. M. Kanchana SSLC Agriculture 9943767396 In progress
13. G. Balasubramanian SSLC Agriculture 9751803823 6805970