Farming Inputs

Farm inputs are resources that are used in farm production, such as fertilizers, equipment, feed, seed etc. As an organic farming based company, we produce and sell various organic farming inputs.

Neem Seed Powder

Neem seed powder serves as a very good fertilizer and also as a pest control agent. This is a product that is in great demand. We produce very high quality neem seed powder. The process involves converting the neem seeds directly into powder, without extraction of oil.

Neem Oil Soap

Neem oil is a very good pest control agent. However, neem oil is not easily miscible with water. If not mixed properly, the mixture can scorch the plants completely.

To solve this problem, we have developed technologies to convert this neem oil into soap-form for ready use in the crops. The soap can just be mixed with water and used. This neem oil soap is produced in units run by our women shareholders.


Vermicompost is the process of using various worms to create a heteregenous mixture of organic manure by decomposing food waste and vegetable waste. Vermicompost manure is excellent for a wide variety of crops. It is produced in large quantities by community units maintained by our women shareholders. We market very high quality vermicompost manure through our company.

Biofertilizers and Biopesticides

We market biofertilizers like Azospyrillum, Phosphobacteria, Rhizobium and Trichoderma viridi.

Panchagavyam, a product made from 5 byproducts of cow is manufactured in our biopesticide units run by our shareholders. It is marketed by us.