Farm Products

We provide variety of farm products and value-added products.

Organic Rice

We market both the certified organic rice and the truthfully labelled rice. The rice that we market is procured from our members. Whenever it is truthfully labelled we ensure that the organic standards are maintained. We currently market varieties that are available in the regular market and also traditional varieties.

Regular varieties
White ponni (both boiled and raw rice), CR 1009 (Idly rice)

Kullakar Idly rice
This is a traditional rice variety extremely good for South Indian breakfast preparations.

Mappillai Samba (Raw rice)
A traditional rice variety with high energy content. Rich in fiber.

Karungkuruvai (Raw rice)
Traditional rice variety with low Glycemic Index (GI)

Panangkattu Kudaivazhai (Boiled rice)
A traditional rice variety of Vedaranyam region which is again very good for South Indian breakfast preparations.

Value-added Rice Products

Flattened Rice
We have extremely delicious flattened rice made from traditional paddy varieties which are highly nutritious. We also prepare hand pound flattened rice.

Puttu flour, Idiyappam flour and Kozhukattai flour are available with us.

Uppuma Mix
Ready to cook and eat rice uppuma mix is available.

Vadagam and Appalam
We have rice based vadagam of different types made from traditional varieties.

Double-certified seeds

What is Double-Certified Seed?
It is mandatory to use organically certified seeds for getting organic certification under NPOP standards in India. Generally seed production is certified by the Department of seed certification in Tamilnadu. The same seed production fields are also enrolled under organic certification and inspected by Third party certification agencies. Hence, the seeds are sold with logos of seed department and organic certifying agency. This is referred as double-certified seeds.

Valanadu's role
Valanadu enrolled for seed production in 19 acres of land under organic certification during samba season 2014 (Mid July – Mid January). A total of 6 farmers were involved in this activity. The total yield obtained was 16,700 kg, after seed processing, total good quality seeds obtained was 15,000 kgs, this has been sold as double certified paddy seeds during Samba season 2015.

Ready-made powders

Paruppu podi, Narthai ilai podi, Idli podi, Ellu podi, Kollu podi, Karuveppilai podi and Puliyodharai podi made by women belonging to Self Help Groups are also marketed by us. These powders can be mixed with rice and eaten. .

Millet Products

Thinai rice (Foxtail Millet), Samai rice (Little Millet), Bajra (Pearl Millet), Ragi (Finger millet), Bajra powder, Ragi powder and millet mixes are also available with us.

Other products

We also market Horse gram, Bengal gram and pulses like Black gram.

Agriculture inputs

Neem seed powder, Neem oil soap, Vermicompost, Biofertilisers, Panchagavyam and Pheromone traps are marketed by us.